Hi there!  Since you've found yourself here, you no doubt have started on the fun journey that is Crown of the Gods.  


I bet you've done the tutorial, and are thinking 'hmm, that all makes sense but what do I do now?'


This guide is to get you through the first few weeks, maybe until you have 2 or 3 cities and an idea of where you want to go, and can carry on growing!   The aim is not to make you the most awesome player out there, nor to give you a perfect 'one size fits all' answer, but to get you set up without having to venture to chat with the 'Um, this may sound silly but, how do I....?' questions.  We've all asked them. so if you prefer to ask in chat, ask away and someone will help!! 


There are a lot of more complex detailed guides out there, read them, use them, ask questions about them.  But above all - have fun in the game!


To use this guide


  • Read  Getting to City 2 and beyond - it is almost definitely not going to be perfect for you, but will help give you focus on what you need to do

  • Links from that page will direct you to more detailed information.

  • Flick back and forward to anything you want to understand more about.

  • As time goes on, you can refer to the other pages here, if you need to, maybe while waiting for resources to build up or builds to finish. I've tried to mention all the most commonly used features, and give an answer to the most commonly asked questions.  If there is something you're looking for and you can't find it here - let me know!  Mail me (Marty) in game or on the forum. 

  • Check the Links page - there are a lot of helpful guides and a wealth of information available - some of these may not work for you, or not be fully up to date, but all should help you plan how to build your empire.

First things first, don't panic.  Nobody can attack you in the first week of your empire.   Check the icon next to your 'Title' at the top of the game screen for how long you have left.  You will get a System mail when the New Player Protection expires too.  NOTE:  if you build a Castle within the first week, you lose the protection straight away.  You can't attack others and be protected from attack yourself!



Basic overview, how does the game work?


The Crown of the Gods website explains all of this, however in summary...


It's easier to start at the end game and work back.


To win the game an alliance needs to build temples.  8 temples (1 for each of the 8 Gods of Aschendal).  From Level 0 to Level 10.  Once an alliance has 8 Level 10 temples the members of that alliance are awarded a Crown.  There are 3 crowns available per world. 



In a bit more detail....

Don't worry if the below seems complex, it is.    


The TL;DR summary is build cities.


Temples can be built in any city that has 'Castled' (built a castle).  The temple can only be built (or upgraded) under 3 circumstances:


  • When the city is Blessed by the Gods.  Blessings happen periodically from the shrines on the map - the closer to a shrine a city is, and the higher level of the castle, the more chance there is of it being blessed.    To receive a blessing, an alliance also needs an existing level of loyalty.  See here.

  • The blessed city needs enough resources to build (or upgrade) a temple, anyone can contribute resources, they're recorded as 'Temple Donations'

  • The owner of a city must be a member of an alliance to receive a blessing



The above 3 circumstances lead into a number of other factors....  


  • Alliances need enough castles

  • The castles need to be in the best locations to be blessed (each shrine is to a particular God, so the particular shrine is important too.)

  • Since castles can be captured or demolished by other players, there needs to be defense to prevent losing a castle, and offense to demolish or capture someone else's castle

  • If a city with a temple in it is attacked, the temple may be destroyed (or knocked down a level)

  • If a player 'owning' a temple leaves alliance, the temple is destroyed

  • Enough resources need to be sent to build or upgrade a temple


So as a single player, what does this mean to you?


You'll need to do one or more of the following (probably all), to win a crown:


  • Join an alliance (this is a must!)

  • Build offense, to help capture or demolish other players' cities

  • Build defense, to protect your own, or other players' cities 

  • Collect resources to donate to temples


Easy, huh?

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